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Innovation Office

Control and shareholding is discussed and negotiated on an ad hoc basis and is dependant on the background of the project as well as the best route of commercialisation.
The Intellectual Property belongs to Nelson Mandela University and you are therefore required to contact the Innovation Office (041 504 2688 | to discuss the issue further.
The Innovation Office will have a combination of discussions/negotiations with the innovator/entrepreneurs and Innovolve board of directors before deciding on the best commercial route. Please contact the Innovation Office to discuss the issue further (041 504 2688 |
This is decided through various negotiations and discussions on a case-by-case basis.

The results differ on a case-by-case basis and is influenced by a number of factors, such as:

  • type of technology
  • market need
  • funding
  • production
  • costing
  • feasibility


Innovolve is the commercial company of the Nelson Mandela University. Working closely with the Innovation Office of the Nelson Mandela University, Innovolve drives commercialization of the Nelson Mandela University’s innovations through the licensing of intellectual property and the establishment of spinout companies.

Innovolve is committed to the development of our city and region through the development of sustainable businesses.

The Propella Business Incubator provides support for innovators with disruptive technology which gives manufacturing in the Eastern Cape and the rest of South Africa a competitive global advantage.

Propella is a partnership between the Nelson Mandela University, the Industrial Development Corporation and the private sector. Our main areas of focus are on renewable energy generation, energy efficiency and related technologies, advanced manufacturing and supply chain optimisation.

The MAD Propella supports entrepreneurs in the music, art and design fields.