Change the world

The management and commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP) is the process of taking an invention and transferrring it to society in an appropriate way to ensure all the stakeholders (society, funder, inventors, university) benefit.

The management and commercialisation of IP involves two key activities:

  • deciding on an appropriate IP protection strategy - should a patent be filed or not? should the information be kept secret? should the information be published in the open literature?
  • deciding on an appropriate commercialisation strategy - should a new business be created? should the technology be licensed? should the technology be sold?

These activities contain a myriad of sub-activities such as the paperwork associated with filing a patent, developing a business plan, finding funding to take the commercialisation to the next stage, etc.

Why manage this process?

Without active IP management, university IP is usually left to languish on a shelf in a thesis, or is commercialised elsewhere in the world after publication in the open literature.