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A streamlined and simplified contract procedure has been developed for external research-related contracts. This includes contracts for grants from funding streams, with industry, with Government bodies, etc.


What does it apply to

Research-related contracts with external parties that can be roughly divided into three types:

  • Type 1 contracts: Contracts used for initial discussions such as NDAs/Confidentiality Agreements, MOUs, etc. These have no monetary implications and allow the parties to speak freely to each other or to agree that they will work together towards a broad goal. DVC signs
  • Type 2 contracts: Contracts used for defining research work such as MOAs, Project Services Agreements, Research Contracts, etc. In these agreements the external party usually promises a sum of money in exchange for research work being performed. There may be IP implications.
  • Type 3 contracts: Contracts used for Intellectual Property Agreements such as License Agreements, Sale of Intellectual Property, Evaluation Agreements etc. These may or may not have monetary implications.


The Role of the Innovation Office

The researcher applies for funding and if approved by the funding body, is provided with a contract by the funder which is in turn reviewed by the Innovation Office.

If a contract is not supplied, the researcher can request the Innovation Office to draw-up a contract.

The Contract Approval Form should be submitted along with the contract to the Contracts Lawyer.

After it is reviewed by the Director and Contracts Lawyer, the contract is returned to the researcher and funding body for further negotiation and approval.

Once negotiated, the contract is sent to the DVC: Research and Engagement together with the Contract Approval Form for signature.

If the funding amount exceeds 5 million rand the contract and Contract Approval Form is submitted to the VC for signature.

The Innovation Office will send the signed contract back to the funding body for their signature, after which a signed copy of the contract will be forwarded to the researcher.


The Role of the Finance Department and Researcher

The researcher creates a new cost centre by filling in the prescribed form and attaching the signed contract and sends it to the Finance Department.

For any enquiries on the above step, contact Anneke Botha.

The secretary of the researcher is responsible for requesting an invoice on the ITS system from the Finance Department.

The Finance Department will send the invoice to the funding body and once received will allocate the funds to the relevant cost centre.

The researcher is responsible for submitting all progress reports to the funding body.


Frequently Asked Questions

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