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The Nelson Mandela University Innovation Office is committed to changing the world by actively driving innovation in our city, region and nation. We nurture innovation, foster creativity, embrace technology, and develop people to meet the challenges of the world of tomorrow.

The Innovation Office assists researchers with innovation support (grant and contract management; proposal and business plan development; prototype and proof of concept funding) and technology transfer (intellectual property management and commercialisation).


Key activities

The Innovation Office has two key activities:

  • Innovation Support:
    • Grant and contract management: The department assists researchers in obtaining and negotiating external research-related grants and contracts.
    • Proposal and business plan development: The department assists researchers in obtaining and negotiating late stage research project investments and contracts.
    • Prototype and proof of concept funding: The department is able to provide some funding for progressing projects towards proof of concept and prototypes where the outcome is likely to be commercialisable IP.
  • Technology Transfer:
    • Intellectual Property: The department conducts intellectual property awareness courses and short presentations with researchers and post graduates; provides guidance to researchers on the thinking process of innovation while conducting research; and encourages researchers to disclose their inventions.
    • IP identification and protection: The department ensures that protectable innovations generated Nelson Mandela University researchers acquire the appropriate protection.
    • IP management: The department monitors and manages the Nelson Mandela University’s IP portfolio and is responsible for the administration of the IP Policy. Inventors are actively engaged in the process of progressing IP towards registration and commercialisation.
    • IP commercialisation: The department facilitates the license or assignment of the Nelson Mandela University’s IP to the university’s wholly owned commercialisation company, Innovolve (Pty) Ltd.


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