Change the world


Every year on 26 April we celebrate World Intellectual Property day, to learn about the role that intellectual property plays in encouraging innovation and creativity. The theme for 2021 was “IP & SME’s: Taking your ideas to market”. 
The Nelson Mandela University Innovation Office hosted a webinar on 28 April with Dina Biago, a Partner at Spoor and Fisher. Ms Biago shared her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry by discussing the role of Intellectual Property rights when commercialising an idea.
Ms Biago’s gave insights on which Intellectual Property strategy is appropriate for a business and what is required for each strategy to succeed. She emphasized that entrepreneurs should “weigh up the option of having Intellectual Property over other business priorities” as IP is the means to an end. 
The Innovation Office acknowledges and thanks Dina Biago for taking the time to share her knowledge and experience during our webinar.