Change the world


Mary-Ann and Jaci attended the SARIMA conference in Cape Town in October.

This is one of the most important conferences on the department’s calendar as it provides an opportunity to connect with other technology transfer offices, discuss issues with funders and government officials, and catch up with the latest issues in the field.

In addition, the staff got involved in the conference by presenting different aspects of tech transfer work: Jaci ran a special interest group in professionalisation of technology transfer, with specific emphasis on the new Registered Technology Transfer Professional programme; and Mary-Ann gave a lunchtime talk on TIMS, our new in-house built technology information management system.

The conference was attended by over 400 people from more than 20 countries and provided a wonderful opportunity to network and learn.

SARIMA’s Biennial General Meeting was held during the conference. Jaci resigned from her position as Vice President which she had held for four years. She remains involved in SARIMA’s professionalisation activities.