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The Innovation Office Newsletter, Summer 2016/2017 edition, is now out. The newsletter is a brief summary of the activities of the Innovation Office at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.  We are now in our tenth year and have profiled some of our achievements over the last (nearly) ten years.  Starting from nothing and building gradually has been a wonderful journey with some fantastic researchers and great professional and support staff.  We hope you enjoy reading about some of the innovation projects at NMMU, some of our outreach activities and the work we do to build the technology transfer profession.

We have also included a tribute to our dear friend and colleague, Mary-Ann Chetty, who passed away unexpectedly in October 2016.  She is mentioned throughout the Newsletter in connection with projects and initiatives she was running, and is sorely missed.

Thanks are also due to our partners, service providers and funders, and my fellow technology transfer colleagues around the world.  Thank you for all your support, advice and friendship.


Jaci Barnett

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