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The Nelson Mandela University Innovation Office hosted lunch hour talks on the 25th and 26th of April, in celebration of World IP Day. This year the World IP Day theme was “Reach for Gold” which aimed to create awareness around Intellectual Property (IP) in sport.

On the 25th of April, Ms Chyreene Truluck, an associate from Spoor & Fisher, presented a talk on IP rights and how it is linked to the multi-billion dollar global sports industry.  Ms Truluck also discussed what the 4th industrial revolution could mean for IP and the sporting industry.

The SEED Fund Programme manager from the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), Ms Tshembani Khupane, gave a talk relating to how researchers can commercialise their IP.  Ms Khupane also gave insight into the various TIA funding schemes that can assist inventors with commercialisation.  

On the 26th of April, Mr Robert Bosch - the Technical Director of Rubber Nano Products (Pty) Ltd, shared his experience of discovering IP and pursuing the industrial application of the technology in the field of rubber manufacturing.

Jetane Charsley, the Director for Regulatory and Compliance at the National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO) gave an enthusiastic talk which explained the different types of IP and their correlation to sport. Ms Charsley also provided context from a South African perspective.

We gratefully acknowledge the NIPMO and TIA, for their on-going support and recognition of our efforts to raise IP awareness through arranging such events.

Ms Tshembani Khupane presenting her talk on how researchers can commercialise their IP.

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