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The winner of the annual Innovation Award is the Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Unit led by Prof Werner Olivier.
Their innovation focuses on the improvement of maths and science education.

At the annual Research, Teaching and Engagement Awards evening held in September, an Innovation Award was given to the Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Unit (GMMDU). The award was in recognition of the major role played by the Unit in developing innovations around maths and science education locally, regionally and nationally. Specifically, the award was made for the successful commercialisation of the acclaimed DVD series "Touch Tutor" developed by the GMMDU team. The series can assist teachers to explain maths and science principles to Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners.

This series is the first of its kind: aligns with NCS and CAPS; has integrated use of technologies; has multiple representation of mathematical concepts and relationships; and promotes own-paced learning.

The Touch Tutor DVD series is protected by a trade mark  as well as the copyright that subsists in the product. A license agreement was signed with Future Mobile Technologies (FMT) in 2012 for commercialisation of the Touch Tutor series. FMT has encrypted the series onto an affordable tablet computer and has launched the product in retail stores such as The Foschini Group as well as online stores such as Kalahari.

The GMMDU's work in general, and the Touch Tutor innovation in particular, has major social impact as the improvement of maths and science education is critically important in the country.