Change the world


The educational mobile coding application (app) TANKS™ has been invited to participate at Mobile Learning Week in Paris in March this year. The UNESCO event, held annually since 2011, brings experts together from around the world to share how affordable and powerful advanced technology can accelerate learning.

The TANKS™ app, designed by Bryan Batteson - a postgraduate student from Nelson Mandela University, introduces pupils primarily aged 10-14 from disadvantaged communities to coding concepts in the hopes of enticing them into careers as software developers. Nelson Mandela University’s Professor Jean Greyling, who supervised Batteson’s research, leads the promotion of TANKS.

In Paris, the pair will have the opportunity to address an international audience of mobile learning experts. “This is a good confirmation that what we are doing can make a difference outside of our borders. We have mainly been working in SA but we have had the vision that it can at least make an impact in the whole of Africa,” Greyling said.

To date, 2400 pupils have attended workshops for the app. Greyling hopes to reach 100,000 pupils by 2022 and to bring more sponsors on board.

TANKS can be downloaded on the Google Play store via the following link: