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Mary-Ann Chetty (Senior Innovations Manager) visits Uppsala University as part of the ESASTAP programme.

FROM LEFT: Pirrko Tamsen (UUI), Mary-Ann Chetty (ISTT), Anette Piersson-Stache (UUI) and Stina Thor (UUI).

Marry-Ann visited Uppsala University in Sweden as part of the ESASTAP Plus exchange programme. One of the key objectives of the programme is to expand cooperation between South Africa and Europe to specifically address innovation partnership.

The exchange programme allows experienced Technology Transfer Professionals to share information and best practices in technology transfer with the exchange institutions. They also identify potential barriers for innovation collaboration between Europe and South Africa and explore opportunities for collaboration between their institutions.

Mary-Ann came back from the programme with ideas for more effective operations and functions as a technology transfer office. She also built relationships with Uppsala University Innovation (UUI) and discussed potential collaborations between the NMMU and UUI.