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The Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) is running an Entrepreneurship Inter-varsity competition which encourages and supports student entrepreneurship across the 26 public universities in South Africa. Student entrepreneurs were invited to submit their innovative ideas and business plans for this unique opportunity. The purpose of the competition is to identify the top student entrepreneurs at each university, showcase their ideas and create a platform for investment opportunities.

At the Nelson Mandela University, 24 students submitted their business ideas to the Student Governance office. On 29 May, 14 students who were shortlisted pitched their ideas to a panel of four judges consisting of Mante Kgaria from the Innovation Office; Siya Zondani from NYDA; Lukholo Badi from Umyezo Group and lastly Riyaadh Lillah a business lecturer from Nelson Mandela University. The competition consists of four catagories including: General, Innovative Business Ideas, Tech and Social Impact. Seven students were selected to move on to the regional round of the competition, which will take place from 5 July until 30 August 2019. The final round will take place on 18 September. 

The initiative successfully encourages students to take an interest in entrepreneurial opportunities. We wish the candidates heading to the regional round good luck and to make Nelson Mandela University proud.

Figure 1 from left: Siya Zondani from NYDA and Karen Synman, Manager Student Life & Events for Student Governance


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