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The Director of Innovation Support and Technology Transfer, Jacqueline Barnett's blog on "Intellectual Property - Managing issues around IP" is on the Emerging Researchers Network.


Commercialising Intellectual Property

Posted on: 16 November 2011

Researchers often ask the question "what is a typical route for commercialisation of Intellectual Property"” to which I want to respond "how long is piece of string"” There are several factors to consider when determining a likely route to commercialisation: the type of Intellectual Property (IP), how it was developed and who paid for it, the context in which it was developed and the experience and resources of the university. All of these can play a role in determining the commercialisation route and, even, whether the IP is protected and managed at all. There are, however, two routes which are used more frequently than others, and this is what I will cover very briefly in this blog. Hopefully this will give researchers some idea of the routes so they can face their Technology Transfer Office (TTO) with some knowledge of the options. However, this is not a definitive legal guide - please approach your TTO for advice!


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