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A guideline on the processes and procedures for research-related funded projects is available here. The document addresses the “Policy on Budgeting, Costs and Levies on External Research-Related Income” – IRC 402.06 – and provides additional information regarding Intellectual Property and Full Costing of Projects. The Contracting Process is drawn from the “Policy & Procedure for Approval and Signing of Research-Related Contracts” – IRC 405.03. If you need any additional information, please contact Rheinard (041 504 2787 | or Mariam (041 504 3687 |

Indirect Costs refer to the cost of services and benefits/advantages provided to the Project via the University’s central offices. It covers actual and contingent services provided or available from a various departments. (Please refer to the guidelines here.)
As per budget guidelines - calculated by applying the Indirect Cost Recovery Rate (ICRR) to the Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC). Facilities and administrative costs must be included in the indirect costs unless the sponsor / funder has a written policy applicable to all potential proposers which deviates from these rates. All deviations are subject to Finance Department Approval (Rheinard (041 504 2787 | or Mariam (041 504 3687 | Supporting documentation must be provided with your proposal.
The scope of work, deliverables and budget will need to be addressed. Discuss the proposal with the Dean of your faculty and the proposed budget with Finance (Rheinard (041 504 2787 | or Mariam (041 504 3687 | before the proposal is submitted, as the budget must adhere to the guidelines for processes and procedures for research-related funded projects.

The budget needs to adhere to the guidelines for processes and procedures for research-related funded projects and should therefore be revised with the assistance of the Finance Department (Rheinard (041 504 2787 | or Mariam (041 504 3687 | and / or the Innovation Office (041 504 4309).