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Do you have an innovation that will improve lives?

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Terms and Conditions:

1. The innovation campaign is open to the following:

a. Post-graduate NMMU students

2. Applications must fall within the student’s course and scope of study.

3. The application constitutes an “innovation disclosure” to the Innovation Office as described in the NMMU’s Intellectual Property Policy.

5. Applications must be sent on the Application Form.

6. Only completed applications will be considered.

7. No responsibility will be accepted for applications not received for whatever reason.

8. The innovation campaign will run until 15 March 2018 and no applications will be accepted after the closing date.

9. A panel of reviewers appointed by the Innovation Office will review the applications against a range of criteria including:

a. Quality of application

b. Novelty of innovation

c. Potential for value creation (commercial and/or social)

d. Alignment of innovation with Nelson Mandela University's values.

10. The decision of the reviewers on the successful applications shall be final.

Contact information
Mrs Elsa Van Wyk
Tel: 27 41 504 4309

Ms Jessica Preston
Public Relations and Marketing Intern
Tel: 0415044216